25. a€?Like i am going to eliminate Youa€? by Meghan coach & John Legend

25. a€?Like i am going to eliminate Youa€? by Meghan coach & John Legend

23. a€?Ignitea€? by Alan Walker

a€?Let the darkness lead you to the lightLet our very own dreams get lost, have the heat riseBaby, let me know one more stunning lieOne touch and I also igniteLike a starship rushing into the nightYou and I also get lost for the boundless lightingkids, tell me yet another stunning lieOne touch and I ignite.a€?

24. a€?Wildest Dreamsa€? by Taylor Swift

a€?Say you will remember meStanding in a great clothes, watching the sundown babeRed lips and rosy cheeksSay you’ll see me once again even if it’s just in your wildest desires (ah ah)Wildest hopes and dreams (ah ah)a€?

a€?So I’m going to admiration you would like I’m gonna lose youAnd I’m going to hold you prefer i am claiming goodbyeWherever we’re standingI wont elevates for granteda€?Cause we’re going to never know whenever, when we’ll use up all your timea€?

26. a€?In My Blooda€? by Shawn Mendes

a€?help me to, its just like the walls become caving inSometimes personally i think like providing upBut I just can’tit’s not during my blooda€?

27. a€?One Method Or Anothera€? by One way

a€?Lets run, somehow i am going to select yaI’m gonna become ya, become ya, bring ya, see yaOne ways or some other I’m going to win yawe’ll bring ya, I’ll see yaOne way or some other i am going to see yai am going to see ya, satisfy ya, fulfill ya, meet yaOne time, maybe next week

28. a€?For Youa€? by Liam Payne & Rita Ora

a€?Been waiting for an eternity for youBeen busting for a lifetime for your familywas not looking enjoy ’til i came across youOoh na-na ayyFor fancy, ’til i discovered you (oh)Been awaiting for years and years for youBeen splitting for lifelong for your familywas not searching for fancy ’til i came across youOoh na-na ayy

29. a€?Nothings Gonna modification My Love For Youa€? by Glenn Medeiros

a€?Nothing’s going to changes my love for youYou oughta see chances are how much Everyone loves youOne thing you can be assured ofI’ll never ever inquire about more than your loveNothing’s gonna changes my personal fascination with youYou oughta see by now how much i enjoy youThe industry may transform my personal life time throughBut absolutely nothing’s gonna change my personal love for youra€?

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