Jes Macallan is actually Involved to Nicholas Bishop

Jes Macallan is actually Involved to Nicholas Bishop

Jeremy and Jes dated from 2005 to 2009. Four years are a long time getting with each other, undoubtedly. They met for the first time when Jes Macallan had been 23 years of age, and she got operating at a film event in Fl.

That happened prior to Jes chose to realize her job for the film industry. Jeremy, having said that, happens to be being employed as an actor for years.

Jes’ elizabeth section of precisely why they decided to go her separate techniques. Surprisingly, Jeremy was actually the one that provided away that facts. He isn’t that mysterious, are he?

Who’s got time for dating, correct?

aˆ?That was actually area of the problems; I happened to be checking out the Hurt Locker strategy, and she actually is similar, aˆ?Where do I get headshots?’aˆ? Jeremy told that nonetheless with The Hollywood Reporter in 2012.

Thus, let’s get this obvious. Jeremy and Jes split because Jes need a lot more focus through the news? As well as their commitment seems okay until Jes made a decision to pursue the woman job in Hollywood. After that, really, big affairs require fantastic sacrifices, undoubtedly.

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