Located in the greenpoint region of the city of New York

Located in the greenpoint region of the city of New York

Chinese food along with an anything goes attitude and an extremely spacious dinning room has made this place in the financial district an unlikely destination for world-class DJs and fashion-forward clubbers for a decade. Pop-up parties there regularly bring in taste making talent like Total Freedom and Brooklyn’s Mixpak crew, but China Chalet has also been the incubator recurring events like the celeb-studded see-and-be-seen party GLAM and the diva-worshipping Heaven on Earth.

Good Room

Well, it’s a few rooms, actually. Designed with the DJs in mind, the main one has a perfectly placed booth, a solid sound system, an expansive dance floor and a small online hookup Leeds stage for performances. Another space has a massive square bar, while a smaller spot-the Bad Room-houses a wall of vinyl and another DJ setup for more tunes. Embraced by night owls over its four years in Greenpoint, the club is home to Joshua D. Houtkin and David R. Pianka’s FIXED affair, among other popular soirees.


The scale of a megaclub when it meets the Bushwick style gives rise to a sprawling entertainment complex tucked away in a burgeoning nightlife district off the Jefferson Avenue strip. The big room fits 700 peeps and boasts a sensory-overloading laser-and-LED light show. And the talent’s decidedly left of the dial, featuring indie-rockers and DJs with a foot still in the underground as well as all-nighters, such as the queer Latinx party Papi Juice. Elsewhere also features a smaller side room that offers its own programming, a second space for larger shindigs and a quiet cocktail lounge upstairs, plus a spacious rooftop deck.

These are some of the best nightclubs located in the city of New York. If you are in a mood to grab a few drinks and dance the night off, then you should certainly head to one of these destinations. One can see the energy of New York in these places.

Live Music Bars in New York

No matter how many discotheques open up, how many dance bars open up and how many night clubs open up the charm of a live music bar is something that cannot be matched by anything else.

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