You can hook up to Oracle collection simply through litigant regimen

You can hook up to Oracle collection simply through litigant regimen

Discovering Oracle Data with SQL*Plus

This part consists of:

If you’re not attached to Oracle Database as customer hour from SQL*Plus, see “hooking up to Oracle collection as individual hour from SQL*Plus” and then return back this segment.

Browsing HR Outline Pieces with SQL*Plus

With SQL*Plus, you can view the objects that are members of the hour schema by querying the stationary information dictionary see USER_OBJECTS .

Illustration 2-2 displays suggestions look at the name and data forms of the pieces that are part of the hour schema.

Sample 2-2 Viewing HR Outline Things with SQL*Plus

Outcome is much like:

Oracle website resource for information on USER_OBJECTS

“picking Table Data” for information regarding utilizing problems explore counter facts

“About example scheme HR” for basic information on the scheme HR

Browsing STAFF Stand Homes and Data with SQL*Plus

With SQL*Plus, you should use the SQL*Plus order DESCRIBE to view the properties of the articles of the STAFF MEMBERS stand within the HR schema while the SQL report SELECT to look at the information. To locate additional residential properties of the desk, need static reports dictionary vista (for example, USER_CONSTRAINTS , USER_INDEXES , and USER_TRIGGERS ).

Model 2-3 demonstrates simple tips to view the homes associated with the PEOPLE table in the HR scheme.

Model 2-3 Viewing EMPLOYEES Dinner Table Characteristics with SQL*Plus

Instance 2-4 displays just how to read some information in PEOPLE counter in HR outline.

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